Terms of Use

  1. Intro:
  2. The following terms (the “Network Terms”) apply to your use of the Creator Lab site (the “Network”) maintained by Digital Media Management, Inc. (“DMM”). In the course of using the Network, we may collect certain information about you. The following terms are meant to provide you an overview of our policies and practices regarding the information you supply to the Network.
  3. The Network Terms supplement and form part of the DMM Terms of Service, found [here], which in turn incorporate the DMM Privacy Policy, found [here] (the “DMM Terms”). To the extent of a conflict between the Network Terms and the DMM Terms, the DMM Terms take precedence.
  4. By registering an account on the Network, you consent to the Network Terms as well as the DMM Terms generally.
  5. Your Information
  6. We collect information you supply us via the Network. We may also authenticate information about you from social networking sites and other third party sites that you link to your profile on the Network. Occasionally, we may also employ cookies, web beacons, log files, or similar means to collect information.
  7. We may directly authenticate the following information about you:
  • Registration information, including your email address
  • Data you enter into your online profile
  • Information about you from social media accounts you link to your profile on the Network
  1. How We Use Your Information
  2. We collect and authenticate your information via the Network to connect you with potential partners and projects that fit your skills and social media profile. In addition, we may use your information to create your account, facilitate your use of the Network generally, and improve and solicit feedback on our products and services.
  3. Sharing Of Your Information
  4. We may share your information with subsidiaries and affiliates of DMM, as well as with third parties who may be interested in connecting or partnering with you for social media projects.
  5. YouTube Terms of Use
  6. By using Creator Lab, you are agreeing to be bound to the YouTube's Terms of Service.
  7. Warranty; Acknowledgment
  8. You represent and warrant to DMM that all information supplied by you to the Network, including without limitation information contained in social media accounts linked to your account on the Network, is complete and accurate. You acknowledge and agree that DMM makes no guarantee that you will ultimately obtain any partners or projects via your use of the Network, nor that any partnerships or projects you do obtain will result in payments to you.
  9. Managing Your Information and Privacy Settings
  10. If you wish to review the information DMM receives about you from third party sites you’ve linked to your account on the Network, to cancel your account on the Network, or have any other questions for us, please send an email to influencers@digitalmediamanagement.com.